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Adding a bay window, a bow window or any combination of the two is a wonderful way to enhance the charm, distinction and value of your home.  For the past 50 years our team of professional window experts and installers has been helping homeowners find the perfect Bay and Bow windows at the lowest prices in Buffalo.  Buff Windows offers an incredible selection of sizes and styles for every type of home, and the expertise to help you design a custom bay or bow window.

What is the Difference Between Bow and Bay Windows?

It's not uncommon for those new to the process of shopping for replacement windows, to find themselves pondering the Bay Window VS Bow Window differences.  And while obviously similar in some key features, here's an easy way to tell Bow an Bay windows apart.

Bay Windows

Bay-style windows are unmistakably recognizable in the Buffalo and Wester NY area, and famed for their familiar three-panel designs that open on opposite ends.  You may see a custom job here and there with four panels, but three is the most common.  They open on both ends allowing for very generous amounts of natural breeze and light.

Bow Windows

Bow windows may be larger or more arched than their Bay counterpart, though their most distinctive trait is an increased number of panels; typically ranging anywhere from 4 to 6.  This is in no way the limit, space permitting of course.  You'll often see large bow window accented with window lattice, custom hardware and more.

Thinking of Adding or Replacing a Bow or Bay Window?

Buff Windows has been helping WNY residents in choosing the right windows for over 50 years now, and we can help you save time and money too.  Stop dreaming about that new Bay Bow window and let Buff Windows help you make it a reality.

Call and speak with one of our staff window professionals today at 716-800-3446.  We'll help you get started, show you samples, go over pricing and answer any questions you may have about installation.